Common IBC Commands

Nodes can use the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) command with cronosd. Here are the commonly used IBC commands on Cronos Chain:

#1 Querying commands for the IBC module on Cronos

./cronosd q ibc


  • channel: IBC channel query subcommands

  • client: IBC client query subcommands

  • connection: IBC connection query subcommands

./cronosd query ibc channel

#2 Querying command to see all channels with the node on Cronos

./cronosd q ibc channel channels 


./cronosd q ibc channel channels --node

Expected output:

- channel_id: channel-0
  - connection-0
    channel_id: channel-131
    port_id: transfer
  port_id: transfer
  state: STATE_OPEN
  version: ics20-1

#3 Querying command to find the specific blockchain channel

./cronosd q ibc channel client-state transfer channel-number


./cronosd q ibc channel client-state transfer channel-207 

#4 Query the trace info for all token denominations

./cronosd q ibc-transfer denom-traces --node

#5 Query the denom hash info from a given denom trace

./cronosd q ibc-transfer denom-hash "transfer/channel-1/uatom" <hash>

#6 Query the contract addresses connected with the coin denom

./cronosd query cronos contract-by-denom [denom] [flags]

#7 Create a new IBC client with the specified client state and consensus state

./cronosd tx ibc client create [path/to/client_state.json] [path/to/consensus_state.json] [flags]


./cronosd tx ibc client create [path/to/client_state.json] [path/to/consensus_state.json] --from node0 --home ../node0/<app>cli --chain-id $CID

#8 Query all channels associated with a connection

./cronosd query ibc channel connections [connection-id] 


./cronosd query ibc channel connections [connection-id] --count_total

#9 Query a channel end

./cronosd query ibc channel end [port-id] [channel-id] [flags]

#10 Query a next receive sequence

./cronosd query ibc channel next-sequence-receive [port-id] [channel-id] [flags]

#11 Query a packet acknowledgment

./cronosd query ibc channel packet-ack [port-id] [channel-id] [sequence] [flags]

#12 Query a packet commitment

./cronosd query ibc channel packet-commitment [port-id] [channel-id] [sequence] [flags]

#13 Query all packet commitments associated with a channel

./cronosd query ibc channel packet-commitments [port-id] [channel-id] [flags]

#14 Query a packet receipt

./cronosd query ibc channel packet-receipt [port-id] [channel-id] [sequence] [flags]

#15 Query all the unreceived acks associated with a channel

./cronosd query ibc channel unreceived-acks [port-id] [channel-id] [flags]

#16 Query all the unreceived packets associated with a channel

./cronosd query ibc channel unreceived-packets [port-id] [channel-id] [flags]

#17 Query the consensus state of a client at a given height

./cronosd query ibc client consensus-state [client-id] [height] [flags]

#18 Query the heights of all consensus states of a client

./cronosd query ibc client consensus-state-heights [client-id] [flags]

#19 Query all the consensus states of a client

./cronosd query ibc client consensus-states [client-id] [flags]

#20 Query the latest header of the running chain

 ./cronosd query ibc client header

#21 Query the current ibc client parameters

./cronosd query ibc client params

#22 Query the self-consensus state for this chain

./cronosd query ibc client self-consensus-state

#23 Query all available light clients

./cronosd query ibc client states

#24 Query client status

./cronosd query ibc client statue [client-id] [flags]

#25 Query all connections

 ./cronosd query ibc connection connections

#26 Query stored connection end

./cronosd query ibc connection end [connection-id] [flags]

#27 Query the current IBC connection parameters

./cronosd query ibc connection params

#28 Query stored client connection paths

./cronosd query ibc connection path [client-id] [flags]

#29 Query the denom trace info from a given trace hash or IBC denom

./cronosd query ibc-transfer denom-trace [hash/denom] [flags]


./cronosd query ibc-transfer denom-trace 27A6394C3F9FF9C9DCF5DFFADF9BB5FE9A37C7E92B006199894CF1824DF9AC7C

#30 Get the escrow address for a channel

 ./cronosd query ibc-transfer escrow-address [port] [channel-id] [flags]

#31 Query the current IBC-transfer parameters

./cronosd query ibc-transfer params

#32 Query the total amount of tokens in escrow for a denom

./cronosd query ibc-transfer total-escrow [denom] [flags]

#33 Query the IBC-fee enabled status of a channel

./cronosd query ibc-fee channel [port-id] [channel-id] [flags]

#34 Query the IBC-fee enabled channels

./cronosd query ibc-fee channels

#35 Query the relayer counterparty payee on a given channel

./cronosd query ibc-fee counterparty-payee [channel-id] [relayer] [flags]


./cronosd query ibc-fee counterparty-payee channel-5 cosmos1layxcsmyye0dc0har9sdfzwckaz8sjwlfsj8zs

#36 Query for an unrelayed incentivized packet by port-id, channel-id and packet sequence

./cronosd query ibc-fee packet [port-id] [channel-id] [sequence] [flags]

#37 Query for all of the unrelayed incentivized packets and associated fees across all channels

./cronosd query ibc-fee packets

#38 Query for all of the unrelayed incentivized packets on a given channel

 ./cronosd query ibc-fee packets-for-channel [port-id] [channel-id] [flags]

#39 Query the relayer payee address on a given channel

./cronosd query ibc-fee payee [channel-id] [relayer] [flags]


./cronosd query ibc-fee payee channel-5 cosmos1layxcsmyye0dc0har9sdfzwckaz8sjwlfsj8zs

#40 Query the total acknowledgment fees for a packet

./cronosd query ibc-fee total-ack-fees [port-id] [channel-id] [sequence] [flags]


./cronosd query ibc-fee total-ack-fees transfer channel-5 100

#41 Query the total receive fees for a packet

./cronosd query ibc-fee total-recv-fees [port-id] [channel-id] [sequence] [flags]

#42 Query the total timeout fees for a packet

./cronosd query ibc-fee total-timeout-fees [port-id] [channel-id] [sequence] [flags]

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