GameFi refers to the monetisation of gaming. Similar to the term DeFi, or decentralised finance, GameFi combines the words “game” and “finance.” In this section, we introduce the concept of GameFi in the context of blockchain game development. The objective of this section is to demonstrate how to bridge games to the Cronos EVM Chain, using Unity, Unreal Engine, or any related C++ game engine.


The Cronos Play Gaming SDK opens up opportunities for connecting the gaming world with Cronos! It allows you to integrate your gaming platform with Cronos, and create a seamless experience for your players. For example, we can:
  • Connect and interact with Cronos networks
  • Provide in-game NFT functionality
  • Authenticate by using different crypto wallets
  • And much more
Currently, Cronos Play supports Unity, Unreal, and C++. The SDK will be extended to support more game engines in the near future.

Cronos Play Documentation

This documentation showcases the Cronos Play Gaming SDK integration with the Cronos blockchain, aiming to bring different kind of games into the Cronos ecosystem. In particular, we will show you how to perform a basic integration of Cronos Play with the Cronos blockchain, including:
  • Connecting to Cronos networks
  • Installing the SDK
  • Obtaining a sample NFT
  • Import sample package from Unity Asset Store
  • Using BluePrint to interact with the blockchain