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Planning to release a dApp on Cronos? Here is what you need to know.

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TLDR; what do I need to know if I am considering Cronos for my dapp?

Cronos (cronos.org) is the leading Ethereum-compatible layer 1 blockchain network built on the Cosmos SDK, supported by Crypto.com, Crypto.org and more than 500 app developers and partners. Today, the #CROfam ecosystem represents an addressable user base of more than 80 million people worldwide. Our mission is to make it easy and safe for the next billion crypto users to adopt Web3, with a focus on decentralized applications in the DeFi, NFTs and GameFi verticals.

Cronos Labs can help most dapp creators to enhance the visibility of their product in the Cronos user community. However, Cronos Labs is generally not able to promote token or NFT sales. The following support is available to dapp creators:

FAQs - ecosystem

How can I get my project featured at discover.cronos.org?

How can I get my project featured in the Crypto.com Defi Wallet in-app browser, once deployed on Cronos?

  • Step 1:

  • Step 2:

    • Complete this form to apply to get the URL of your dApp featured in the DeFi Wallet’s dApp ranking tab.

    • The Crypto .com team may need some time to assess the suitability of your dApp and does not provide updates regarding their internal decision making process until there is a positive decision (if any). They may revisit their decisions occasionally, for example a token sale page may not be featured in the Dapp ranking but it may be featured later, once it includes a Dapp with real utility for end-users.

    • Decision criteria include the transparency and security of the dApp, and the quality of the user experience. Therefore, in order to increase your chances of being approved, please ensure that your user-facing website includes a link to your docs and to your Github repository, and that the docs include links to the verified smart contracts on Cronoscan. You can refer to this tutorial on how to deploy your smart contracts to Cronos and verify them on Cronoscan.

  • Note: There is currently no process in place to request a token integration with the Crypto.com DeFi Wallet. Token integrations happen once in a while. Meanwhile, your users can import your token manually. See this Crypto.com help page for more information.

How can I get my project featured in Trust Wallet, once deployed on Cronos?

  • Trust Wallet supports the Cronos mainnet from within the in-app Dapp browser (via the injected Web3 provider) and also via Wallet Connect.

  • You can contact the Trust Wallet team to have your Dapp and/or token featured in the Trust Wallet’s mobile Dapp browser. Refer to the documentation for more details.

How can I get my NFT collection allow-listed on the relevant NFT platforms?

  • Crypto.com NFT platform

    • Crypto.com NFT platform is a custodial platform that supports Cronos and multiple other chains.

    • New launch: if you want to create and sell a new NFT collection on the custodial Crypto .com / NFT platform, please contact Crypto .com directly (see this link).

    • Secondary trading: if you already have a NFT collection live on the Cronos chain and would like to make it allow-listed on the custodial Crypto .com / NFT platform so that the NFT owners can deposit and trade the NFTs at Crypto .com / NFT, please contact Cronos Labs for support (contact@cronoslabs.org) and we will share with you the contractual documents and proof of ownership requirements that are required by Crypto .com.

  • Minted NFT platform

    • Minted is a self-custodial NFT platform on Cronos chain and on Ethereum.

    • New launch & secondary trading: the Cronos Labs team can put you in touch with the Minted team via Telegram. Please create a telegram group [Your project] <> Minted and send the link to your Cronos Labs contact.

  • Ebisu’s Bay

    • Ebisu’s Bay is a self-custodial NFT platform on Cronos chain and on Ethereum.

    • New launch & secondary trading: the Cronos Labs team can put you in touch with the Minted team via Telegram. Please send your Telegram handle to your Cronos Labs contact.

Are there other ways to advertise my project, products or services to other app developers, investors or partners of the Cronos ecosystem?

How can I apply for Cronos ecosystem grant support?

  • Cronos Labs can facilitate access to the Cronos Builders Program and the Cronos Ecosystem Grants program (click on these links for details).

  • You can visit https://cronos.org/grants for information.

  • Grant program highlights:

    • Target sectors: retail DeFi, GameFi, infrastructure.

    • Simple grants, typically between 10-50 k$ plus marketing and technical support.

    • Subject to the achievement of agreed upon milestones, usually associated with the volume of on-chain activity on Cronos (number of users, number of daily transactions, TVL).

    • Available to early stage projects, as well as established projects planning to expand to Cronos.

How can I apply for the Cronos accelerator program?

  • The Cronos Accelerator Program supports early-stage teams who are working full-time on a dApp project and have an prototype or MVP product.

  • Please refer to this page for details.

  • Accelerator program highlights:

    • Target sectors: retail DeFi, GameFi, infrastructure. Projects are expected to launch natively on Cronos, and subsequent multi chain expansion is encouraged.

    • Runs 2-3 cohorts per year, ~10 startups per cohort.

    • Extensive marketing and technical support including mentoring, master classes and demo day.

    • Initial 30 k$ grant, followed by potential investment by Cronos Labs (100-300 k$) as well as other accelerator partners (investors).

    • Available to early stage projects at the pre-seed or seed stage, who have not yet raised institutional money. Requires full time involvement of the core team on the project for the duration of the program.

How can I become a node operator?

  • Anyone can run their own Cronos node: see the documentation for instructions.

  • However, the Cronos network is not currently adding new validators (except on an exceptional basis, by invitation). The Cronos Labs team will make public announcements when validator applications are open again. Feel free to email contact@cronoslabs.org to register your interest.

Can Cronos help with my token sale or NFT primary sale?

  • As an open-source protocol and decentralized network, Cronos will not be able endorse token sales.

  • You can work with some of the the launchpads and media organizations who have build significant audiences within the Cronos ecosystem, such as:

    • Token launchpads: VVS finance, others.

    • NFT launchpads: Minted, Ebisu’s Bay, others.

    • Media organizations: CronosNews, Cronicle, others.

  • Do not hesitate to contact the Cronos Labs team to obtain contact details.

FAQs - technical

Where can I find developer quick start resources?

Are there best practices and security standards that apply to Dapps on Cronos?

  • The Cronos team strongly encourages all development teams to follow the best practices summarized at this link. You can find more information at this link too.

  • It will be difficult for the Cronos Labs team to engage meaningfully with teams who do not publish their code and do not have their smart contracts verified on Cronoscan.

I need a commercial node provider because my dApp exceeds the rate limits of the free Cronos JSON-RPC endpoints. Who offers this ?

Where can I find a list of available developer tools and integrations?

Where can ask technical questions to integrate with Cronos chain?

  • You can contact the community support on our Discord server, in the #cronos-mainnet-beta channel.

  • Or, if the Cronos Labs team already has a joint Telegram group with your team, feel free to reach out to the team in that group. You can also email contact@cronoslabs.org.

How can I connect my Dapp to commonly used crypto wallets like MetaMask, Crypto .com DeFi Wallet, or Trust Wallet?

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