From the App

Transfer assets using the App

Step-by-step walkthrough

Step 1: Select the token that you would like to withdraw from your Crypto Wallet.

Step 2: Click on “Transfer”, then “Withdraw

Step 3: Select “External Wallet” and whitelist your Cronos wallet address.

Step 4: Select the Cronos network and paste your Cronos wallet address .

You should have a Cronos wallet address ready at this point (either on MetaMask, DeFi Wallet, or any other wallet supporting Cronos). No memo is required to withdraw your funds to Cronos. Once you have confirmed that your Cronos wallet address is accurate, tap “Continue”.

Step 5: Select your newly whitelisted Cronos wallet address and input the amount of tokens that you wish to withdraw. After entering the amount, tap “Withdraw”. You will then be prompted to enter your password and 2FA code (if enabled).

Step 6: Tap 'Confirm' to make the transfer

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