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Cronos is supported by more than 30 wallets, some of which are shown here.

Crypto.com DeFi Wallet

The Crypto.com DeFi Wallet is a self-custodial crypto wallet developed by Crypto.com. It supports Cronos and dozens of Cronos cryptocurrencies natively, as well as all NFTs on the Cronos chain. The wallet is available in 3 user interfaces:

  • The mobile wallet, available for iOS and Android (download here). The mobile app includes a powerful in-app browser to interact with decentralized applications (DeFi, NFTs and Web3 Gaming).

  • The browser extension, available from the Chrome store here. The browser extension can run in two possible modes: in Standalone mode (meaning that you can approve transactions in the browser) or in Bridge mode (meaning that the extension is connected to the mobile app, where you approve transactions). We recommend Standalone mode for best performance and richest functionalities.

  • The desktop wallet (download here), which can run as a standalone application on your computer.

The DeFi Wallet is not just for DeFi. One unique feature of the Crypto.com DeFi Wallet mobile app is the NFT tab, where you can see, transfer, buy and sell all your self-custodial NFTs on Cronos chain.

You can import your accounts from any other self-custodial crypto wallet into the Crypto.com DeFi Wallet by importing your seed phrase under "Import wallet".

Ledger hardware wallet

You can now use your Ledger hardware wallet on Cronos chain.

In the Ledger Live companion app, you can see your CRO holdings on Cronos chain. This can be accomplished by selecting "Add account" and then Cronos (CRO):

In order to experience the fullest range of functionalities, including interactions with dApps, we recommend to connect your Ledger hardware wallet with the Crypto.com DeFi browser extension in Standalone mode. In order to accomplish this, select "Import wallet" in the Crypto.com DeFi browser extension and then select "Connect to Ledger".

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet also support Cronos chain and dApps natively. You can download it here.


MetaMask can be used to check your cryptocurrency balances on Cronos and to interact with decentralized applications. You can download it here.

The MetaMask mobile app and browser extension require additional configuration steps to connect to Cronos chain. See MetaMask configuration for an easy-to-follow guide.

Brave Wallet

The crypto wallet developed by Brave Browser can also be used to check your cryptocurrency balances on Cronos and to interact with decentralized applications.

See Brave Wallet for an easy-to-follow guide of configuration steps.

Other wallets and portfolio dashboards

Many other great crypto wallets support Cronos chain cryptocurrencies.

If you are looking for comprehensive portfolio dashboards to view your various cryptocurrencies and DeFi positions on Cronos chain, check out Debank and Rabby.

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